Operation Shoot Yourself in the Foot

Just days before the Michigan Republican Primary, the rumblings of Operation Hilarity grow louder and louder. While I understand the goal of this action and those similar to it, I oppose it both on principle and as a practical matter.

First, while the thought of the Republican candidates pointing their tiny little hypocritical fingers at one another for weeks or even months longer than would otherwise be the case in this primary is an exciting idea, there is no reason for progressives to get knee deep into the proverbial “fight fire with fire” muck normally espoused by the right and it’s mouthpieces. For lack of a better justification for my position, it’s simply bad sportsmanship. It lacks a certain intellectual creativity I rather expect from progressives.

Second, Rick Santorum could ultimately win. He could absolutely ride the tidal wave of the insane Tea Party, Shoot First Study Later, They Took ‘R Jaaaabs masses, now wrapped up to their armpits in the kelp of anti-intellectualism all the way to the convention and wind up the Republican nominee. Moreover, we must not forget that the United States electorate saw fit to send George W. Bush to the Oval Office, not once, but twice. Rick Santorum, assisted by some ridiculous foolishness in the Eurozone or continued mass speculation in oil futures and derivatives, could find himself with a majority of the Electoral College this November.

The alternative, should the moneyed interests cabal conjure a stew of economic uncertainly and false nationalism, is an Obama loss to Mitt Romney, which I find to be far more palatable. For if there is one thing I know about Mitt Romney, it’s that if the public winds blow forth a call for socialized medicine and a National Park made only of half-pipes, organic kale and patchouli gardens, that is precisely what we’ll get.